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NFT Hydroponics System

hydroponics vegetable grow tube


How it works

The nutrient liquid is pumped or fed from a tank or reservoir up to a purpose made tray or gulley. In some cases the trays or gulley is set off ground on a purpose built frame but some growers also use them flat on the ground, either way a gradient is needed to allow the solution to run down the system.  The solution then runs down the tray or gully and back into the tank, it is then recirculated and pumped back up again. Larger commercial growers often use a run to waste process which simply means that instead of the solution running back into a tank to be recirculated it is discarded and fresh solution is circulated each time. We will come back to hydroponic nutrient solutions later in this article.

Experienced growers usually use a type of ancillary mat spread along the bottom of the tray or gully, using this mat ensures that as the solution runs down the trays it spreads out into an even thin film, hence the name Nutrient Film Technique, the mat used here is often referred to as a spreader mat.

NFT systems are available in quite a few different forms, some systems use  trays and some use large gutter-like channels, they can also be made at home with a little bit of DIY knowledge and quite cheaply too. Home-made systems are worth thinking about so we will cover home-made growing systems on its own page shortly.



NFT tube: 100mm wide, 50mm height

Length: 1 meter, 2 meter, 3 meter, 5 meter and others length available

Come with complete setup, include rack, feed tube, pump, water reservior etc.


Nutrient Film Technique systems are claimed to be the simplest of all the hydroponics systems to use. For many years NFT (nutrient film technique) has been used by commercial growers and DIY growing enthusiast alike. Unlike other systems of this type the basics of NFT are really easy to grasp for newbie growers and seasoned growers alike.

On this page we are going to have a look at how this NFT system is set up, the things you need to operate it and the actual operating process.

Nutrient Film Technique describes this system perfectly. The process is relatively simple which is why so many growers favour this set up. It’s a system that is easy to use in smaller growing situations but it can also easily be scaled up to use on a commercial basis which makes it a versatile way of growing.

hydroponics vegetable grow tube

More Photos

 hydroponics NFT grow tube  nutrient film transfer farm tube system  lettuce grow in NFT system



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