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Fabric Grow Bag

fabric grow bag pot



1. Increased air circulation.
2. Improved root structure.
3. Faster growth.
4. Prevents circling roots - no more "pot bound" plants.
5. Excellent drainage - impossible to water log.
6. Suitable for any growing medium - Perfect for soil-type mediums, pond plants, Ebb & Flood and drip hydroponic systems.
7. Reusable & Biodegradable.
8. With Heavy Duty Handles for easy carry.
9. When not in use, can be folded flat for easy storage.


Pot Size Liter
Height Bottom Diameter
1 Gallon 3.8L 13.5cm 16.5cm
3 Gallon 11.4L 21cm 25cm
5 Gallon 18.9L 24.5cm 32cm
7 Gallon 26.5L 29cm 38cm
10 Gallon 37.9L 31.5cm 40cm
15 Gallon 56.8L 36cm 44cm
20 Gallon 75.7L 36cm 49cm
25 Gallon 94.6L    
30 Gallon 113.6L 41cm 56.5cm
45 Gallon 170.55L 45cm 65cm
100 Gallon 379L    


Black Fabric Grow Pot Features:
1. Made of 300D thickened non-woven fabric, reinforced and durable with sturdy handle straps for easier, more secure lifting and moving.
2. Designed with superior breathable fabric to promote faster plant growth through better aeration.
3. The fabric grow bag allows your plant to grow freely with the necessary space to effectively grow to full capacity. It allows excess heat to escape and prevent damaging heat buildup.
4. Offers great water drainage for sufficient water flow throughout the soil and root system while eliminating trapped water that causes over watering of the plant.
5. Fabric planter container pots can be used in traditional soil gardens or soils mixes, great for flood and drain as well.
6. Quality constructed to maintain its shape. Collapsible for easy compact storage.
7. Soft-sided containers last for years, even in the harshest wintes, and are excellent for growing the widest variety of container or potted plants.
8. Grow Bag size over 5 Gallon all come with handles(1 & 3 Gallon bag without handle)

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 fabric air bag  fabric grow bag  garden grow bed



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