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Air Grow Pot 11L-53L

hydroponics flood drain tray



  • Get more oxygen for roots;
  • Drain quickly;
  • Root size control, tree size control.
  • Auto feed base design


Available Size:
  • (Base Diameter)25 x (H)25cm
  • (Base Diameter)25 x (H)30cm
  • (Base Diameter)30 x (H)30cm
  • (Base Diameter)40 x (H)30cm
  • (Base Diameter)40 x (H)35cm
  • (Base Diameter)40 x (H)40cm
  • (Base Diameter)40 x (H)45cm


The design has been enhanced to guarantee healthy root development and maximize aeration. Additional oxygen in the growing medium leads to healthy bacteria and better nutrient release. At the same time the shape of the wall eliminates root circling and encourages the development of a mass of healthy fibrous roots. The additional roots mean better take up of nutrients and water leading to faster growth and healthier plants. This containers can last up to ten years or more.

Air grow pots provide extra oxygen at the roots, which is a good thing. In fact, that's a big part of what makes hydro so effective at increasing plant growth rates. Growing plant in air grow pots gives you some of the advantages of growing hydro, while allowing you to still hand-water your plants in soil or coco coir.

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