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COCO Perlite Mix 70%/30%

COCOS perlite blend



  • RHP certified – Dutch horticultural seal of excellence
  • Utterly explosive growth rates!
  • Totally natural, yet inert growing medium
  • A buffering and pre-washing process that's been established since 1963
  • Offers the perfect balance between aeration and water retention
  • A sustainable and eco-friendly growing medium
  • Free from pests, parasites and pathogens


RHP Certification: RHP Quality



This fifty litre bag of growing medium comes pre-mixed at a ratio of 70% coco to 30% perlite - providing the optimal balance between water retention and aeration, making it a great choice of substrate, whether you're handwatering or using it with a dripper system, flood & Drain or Autopot. The attention to detail employed during the production process has earned 70/30 a prized RHP certificate - a badge of honour and indicator of consistency and quality, used by farmers and commercial growers all over Europe to select substrates for large scale use. A truly exceptional product.


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 Nutrifield premium COCO perlite mix grow media  70% coco mixed with 30% perlite  root grow in coco perlite mix



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