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Coarse Grade 100L Perlite




  • Produce healthier plants and trees while requiring far less attention


  • Premium 100L Coarse Grade Perlite


Perlite is a heat expanded, man made product for use as a hydroponic growing medium. Perlite retains enough moisture for it to be suitable as a hand watered medium, but also has sufficient drainage to be used in a recycling drip irrigation system. Perlite is extremely lightweight and is suitable for use in a variety of growing containers pots, trays, bottom fed auto watering systems, etc.

The advantages of 100% perlite or perlite/peat moss growing mixes are not limited to weight savingsonly. Horticultural perlite is an inorganic mineral of volcanic origin. Thus, it does not rot or otherwise deteriorate but continues to function in the growing mix. In addition, because of its unique surfaceconfiguration, particles of horticultural perlite will retain from three to four times their weight in water onthe surface yet they will not become soggy. This is an important consideration with container plantingsas this type of planting tends to dry our faster than plantings in the ground. This feature of perlite will produce healthier plants and trees while requiring far less attention (and less water.)


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